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Textures not loading via Texmod (suggestions)

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If you've built your package successful and run the game via Texmod, and see no change in textures.

We'll have to troubleshoot to find the issue.


First let's test validateTexmod is connecting to the original game exe.

  • Open texmod, select the "logging mode" second tab, and press "run". If you see red text at the top left of screen, then Texmod is working.

(If you don't see red text. Make sure your exe files spelling and "target application" within Texmod are correct)


Rebuild (occasionally I've had to rebuild & run multiple times for this to work)

  •  Ensure you've downloaded all texture packs and include them within the "01_Claimer_Textures" folder
  •  Select Build, name your TPF file all lowercase, save the TPF file within the Claimer Textures folder.
  • Run Game (select new package)
  • If unsuccessful, set Texmod to "run as Admin"
  • If unsuccessful, set Texmod's compatibility mode to Win XP SP2


Essentially this works on Windows 7/8/10/11, For Steam & non-steam users, so there's most likely an issue we've overlooked. Trial and error plus Google search are my last suggestions for this week, however I'll be re-uploading all textures in a different format next week, which will include a new .log file. Possibly a fresh install will do the job.