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The Warriors - Is Remastering Rockstar's Classic for Playstation 2 possible?

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 The Russo Brothers To Adapt The Warriors As Hour TV Drama For Hulu |  IndieWire


The Warriors - An underrated Rockstar Games gem, based on the Cult classic Movie "The Warriors", has been on my radar since I began enhancing games.

it was in fact the first game I attempted to enhance, but due to technical limitations was not able to make much progression.


Fast forward 7 months, scouring the web for hacks, whilst creating my own.


The Warriors Remastered.. is a go 🟢.

Celebrating The Warriors: from Walter Hill to Coney Island


It's currently in progress, and for those few who've found my forum.. here's a sneak peak.


Please note: these screens don't do it justice!


After (and yes, Reshade works)



This will be available in late May for The Warriors on PCSx2 Emulator, so download a copy and familiarise yourself with the game, it's still awesome.