User Flow & Site Map Assets Pack



A Professional & sleek User Flow and Site Map asset template, available for Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch, (additionally offering intuitive controls for Adobe XD users to manipulate connection points.)

Product Contains:

User Flow (2 colour schemes – black & white)

Create your User Persona’s, and focus on what the user needs
to reach their Goal consider, create a user flow to identify
how to deliver that in the most effective manner possible.

Site Map (2 colour schemes – black & white)

Organize content on your website or app in a logical way to
help users achieve their goals and keep influence them to return.

Additional information


Adobe XD Users:
This file originally created in and tailored primarily for Adobe XD users. XD users will have access to additional features e.g. components (saving instances) and responsive connection lines on resize.

Figma Users:
The file was configured for Figma, All design assets are available and Components (saved instances) is available. However connection lines aren't as responsive.
it has been configured to ensure the component (symbols)feature works in Figma.

Sketch Users:
The Figma file was exported for Sketch – All design assets are available, however assets aren't saved as components (saved instances) and connection lines aren't as responsive.

Enjoy the assets guys.